Where to go in Finland?

Where to go in Finland?

So many beautiful places In Finland to visit, but how to find them? The purpose of this post is to make it a little easier. Why exactly these 10 destinations? Just because we have been there and we know these places are worth a visit.


1. Teijo National Park, Salo

2. Kaukolanharju, Tammela

3. Koli, Lieksa

4. Pieni karhunkierros (Little Bear’s Trail, 12 km), Kuusamo

5. Kilpisjärvi

6. Turku castle

7. Olavinlinna castle

8. Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, Helsinki

9. Yyteri beach, Pori

10. Hanko beach

From the page Minne mennä? Where to go? you can find more destinations and also more information (addresses etc.).

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